Entrepreneur Kevin L. Walker Turns $5,000 into $32,800+ in Less Than 5 months via Cardano & Elrond Crypto


The crypto space is seeing huge moves upwards and many are calling that the bull market has begun. As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Elrond, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise, many people are flocking to the crypto space.

Paypal and Venmo have officially announced that they will be offering cryptocurrency services to their massive database of users, banks are now legally able to custody cryptocurrency / digital assets for their clients, and a major US regulator has deemed Bitcoin (BTC) to be “money.”

Amongst the record gains being saw across the market seasoned entrepreneur/businessman Kevin L. Walker has turned $4,900 into over $32,800 in less than 5 months of time (March 2020-present date) seeing gains totaling over 1,500%.


Walker is a known blockchain/cryptocurrency advocate and founded Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs in 2017, and has since released various projects involved in the blockchain and crypto space.

As the US dollar has lost over 4% in value in July alone, a bull market seems confirmed.

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